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During the old times, mere handshakes or spoken agreements sufficed to close a deal. But in this day and age, concrete and tangible written documentation is necessary to avoid business conflicts and protect against client complaints that may result in litigation. Hence, businesses issue proper invoices to their customers as clear proof of a legitimate transaction.

As defined by experts, an invoice is a commercial record which is issued by the seller or service provider to the buyers. It is a more detailed receipt that indicates specific product categories and prices that the customer availed of. Since this bill is customized depending on the nature of the purchase or transaction, some invoices also include service description, billable hours, applicable tax rates, and contact information of both the seller and buyer.

An invoice not only illustrates the level of the company's professionalism. As advised by the Internal Revenue Service, it is also being used for record keeping in case conflicts arise regarding customer transactions and tax payments. A mere piece of paper can save the company from being wrongfully sued because it has concrete evidence of what actually transpired.

Therefore, it is essential for companies to handle their bill documentations neatly and precisely so as to avoid confusion later on. Fortunately, there are accounting systems such as Peachtree Quantum 2012. Through this, a business can maintain a more organized and customized way of saving transaction records.

Invoicing in Quantum has now been furthered improved through an additional feature called ‘Copy Transactions'. In the latest version of Peachtree Quantum 2012, this attribute will be available for all expanding businesses to quickly and easily create new invoices based on previously saved ones. Quantum understands that accomplishing these bills weekly and monthly is such a repetitively tiring task; hence, they offer this feature to simplify the documentation process.

With the help of Peachtree Quantum 2012, a company can save more time, energy and cost compared to manual methods of researching and completion of invoice documents. This is particularly helpful when a certain business needs to issue invoices for regular customers with almost the same orders. Above all, this will enable businesses to satisfy their customers with fast service and accurate documentation.

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Empowering Invoices

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This article was published on 2011/09/08